Summer’s End…

Gulf Coast

As this Florida heat slowly is coming to an end, we slip out of our short shorts and into flannel because it’s under 80 degrees, and we reflect on the events of the past five months of summer. The sticky heat, beautiful emerald green ocean, and the salt air blowing through our hair, just a memory. I remember trail running in 100 degree weather in North Florida and the exhaustion. Recently, I started painting again to carry me through the cold, wet winter months ahead, where I’ll be limited to when I can run. But there is something exhilarating about these next few months and the activities you can do to avoid the grey clouds of seasonal depression. Grab a wetsuit in 30 degree weather when the surf is up and run to the ocean to catch a few waves! Get outside and do something. Learn something new, try something new. So although my favorite Florida season has come and gone this year, I will fight my way through the dark and cold months because of the excitement that awaits on the other side…

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